We hired Kelley Hanna of Plant Goddess Landscaping to design and install container plantings at our restaurant in Pasadena. She listened to our requests, and found exactly what we wanted for the outdoor eating and lounging areas. Her design expertise has helped our business grow by creating an inviting atmosphere that entices our customers to stay longer. Her crew is very professional, and they pay attention to details. The containers and plants she chose enhanced the outdoor atmosphere of the dining areas, and we are very happy with what she did.

We continue to use her services for new, creative ideas that continue to make the outdoor space at our restaurant even better! I would highly recommend The Plant Goddess for anyone’s landscaping needs.

Leslie L.
Restaurant Owner

Kelley brought structure, order and imagination to my outside home. She transformed my landscape from dull and boring concrete to a creative and inspiring space that makes me happy every day,

Kelley and her team are prodigiously hard workers. They treated my home with care and thoughtfulness throughout the design and implementation process.

I received my water bill today. Due to Kelley’s knowledge of low water plants and irrigation systems, my water consumption has decreased by 68% compared to this time last year!

Catherine Q.
College Library Dean

Kelley Hanna, the Landscape Goddess, is a remarkable professional for several key reasons:

1. Kelley has an abiding commitment to her clients’ best interests. She is always looking for ways to give her clients exactly what they want, delivering them the most value while designing a landscape that correlates with her clients’ tastes and budget.

2. Kelley combines a designer’s eye with horticultural knowledge. Her landscape designs not only include a range of different plants that look well together to create a striking display, she also makes sure that plants grow well into the landscape and can thrive in their location, in sun, shade, heat or cold.

3. Kelly really cares about her clients, and sticks with them, long term. As an example, this nursery owner recalls a Saturday evening call from Kelley, who was concerned about the health of a client’s particular potted plant.

Maurice L.

Kelly (The Plant Goddess) was a fantastic team player in our implementation of a 31 unit landscape design in Pasadena. She was flexible in her meeting times and independently managed every perspective of the project (irrigation, design and hardscape). From her initial bid – we knew she was going to be great. She visited with us for over an hour and then came out on her own and systematically went through all of irrigation zones. Kelly was one of the few people who could approach our irrigation issues in a way that helped us understand our options and allowed for cost effective solutions.

She has creative ideas for landscape design and we feel the end product of her work has raised the overall value of our complex. Overall, we’re very pleased with her work and excited to continue the next phase of this project.

Heidi N.
HOA Board

We needed our landscape upgraded at 500 N. Rosemead Blvd in Pasadena (Hastings Ranch Terrace). We had many companies bid, based on drawn concept. Kelley Hanna the Plant Goddess, won the bid with her fair pricing. Also a very important note is he listened and implemented what we as home owners requested in addition to what was provided on the plans. Kelley is a water conservationist, what we need in California, but at the same time she is balanced at making sure the landscape gets sufficient water for growth. We are happy with Kelley’s work, and I would highly recommend her and her company, and we look forward to using her company in our future landscape projects that will be starting soon.

HOA President