Quigley Estate


This property was a blank canvas. Although very spacious, it was not a usable space for the family to enjoy. The soil was covered with grassy weeds and there were citrus trees along the perimeter of the property. There were no trees, pathways, or flowering plants.

Living in the Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the Quigleys were used to seeing many forms of wildlife in their yard but lacked support for the birds, bees, and pollinators. With a little over an acre of land, they wanted to create a habitat for birds, especially the native quail in the area.


The first thing we planted were 2 beautiful Coast Live Oaks. These trees immediately provided habitat for the native birds in the area.

Along the perimeter of the property, Redbuds, Desert Willow, Toyon and Catalina Ironwood are some of the California Native trees that were also planted. In addition to creating habitat and food, they also added beauty, privacy and shade.

Curved walkways were built leading you all throughout the yard, with the pergola the central destination point. Two fountains were installed, one of them designed specifically for small pollinators and hummingbirds.

The pergola area is the perfect place for dining, entertaining, and watching the grandchildren play.

The majority of the plants are California Natives, mixed with Mediterranean Plants, a few roses and fruit trees. This garden was chosen for the Creative Arts Group Garden Tour in 2023.