I’m excited to announce that my upcoming book, UNHOLY TRINITY, has already been endorsed by some of the most prominent physicians, scientists, and health writers in the world.


Unlike other books on heart disease, diabesity, and what foods make us fat, sick, and addicted, Unholy Trinity is written from the unique perspective of one of the millions of victims of pervasive and deadly lies. Daniel Trevor pulls no punches and reveals the truth.

All science-backed, Trevor gives you the basics of what to do and what to avoid to live a long and healthy life. Get this book!

Mark Hyman, MD

15-time New York Times Bestselling Author and Head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic

Unholy Trinity is about preventing major disease before it’s too late. Daniel Trevor had a heart attack, and then undertook an incredible amount of scientific research to reveal what we all need to do to stay out of the hospital.

Trevor skillfully translates science for the average reader, and his unique sense of humor makes this an exciting and enjoyable read.

Dr. Lou Ignarro

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering Nitric Oxide and author of Dr. NO: The Discovery That Led to a Nobel Prize & Viagra

Drawing on his own journey as a heart-attack survivor, Daniel Trevor discovers the many myths that health authorities have fed us for decades about high-grain, low-fat diets being good for us.

Trevor boils down hundreds of scientific studies into specific, down-to-earth advice on how to help prevent or recover from obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, and other ailments that can steal years from your life.

Nina Teicholz

New York Times bestselling author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet (Best Book of the Year) and Founder of Nutrition Coalition

Every 34 seconds someone has a first heart attack, most die, and death was their first symptom of having heart disease. Daniel Trevor survived his near fatal event which propelled him into deep research. He discovered how and why insulin resistance is the initiating factor that plays the major role in our leading causes of death.

Like most, Daniel was an undiagnosed Type 2 diabetic, which was the root cause of his undiagnosed heart disease, fatty liver disease, and osteoporosis. By following the easy-to-read science in this book he reversed all four silent conditions.

He reveals the most important low-cost health test you’ve never had. Want to get healthy, lose weight, and extend your life? You must read this book.

Dr. Eric Berg

World’s Most-Watched YouTube Health Channel, Bestselling Author, and popular media personality

“Daniel Trevor, in his book, Unholy Trinity, has done a brilliant job of tying together science, history, and published studies, to vilify what he and I both agree on — seed oils, refined flours, and refined sugars — as indeed, these three are the unholy trio that drive overweight and a multitude of chronic diseases. Trevor makes this abundantly clear and I couldn’t agree more with his primary views and recommendations.

Get this book and implement its strategies. It could save your life and prevent immense suffering.”

Dr. Chris Knobbe

Physician, Eye Surgeon, Nutrition Researcher, and Author of The Ancestral Diet Revolution: How Vegetable Oils and Processed Foods Destroy Our Health–and How to Recover!

Unholy Trinity is a comprehensive yet digestible summary of the root cause of heart disease from the perspective of one of the millions of people affected by this epidemic. Daniel Trevor gives actionable recommendations that can help anyone looking to prevent or manage this leading cause of death worldwide.

I recommend this book to anyone who does not want to see me or one of my colleagues standing over them in a hospital bed.

Philip Ovadia, MD

Cardiac Surgeon performed over 3,000 heart surgeries, Bestselling Author, and host of the popular Podcast, Stay Off My Operating Table

This book is about achieving your best health possible. Daniel Trevor’s tireless investigation led him to the truth of how to get healthy in an environment where the US health system ranks dead last among developed countries. Trevor won me over early on when he revealed the passing standard for a US Marine candidate is 3 pull ups, and after his heart attack he can now do 34!

Read this book. It’s what you’ve been looking for.

David I Minkoff, MD

Founder of BodyHealth, The Optimum Health Report, Bestselling Author and 43-Time Ironman Triathlon Finisher

The skin is a window into the metabolic health of the individual. Daniel Trevor’s book, UNHOLY TRINITY, outlines a great way to avoid or reverse many skin conditions people suffer from. What you eat affects your skin. My patients range from students to celebrities and everyone in between, and I can say they all would benefit from this easy-to-read, How-To book.

Find out exactly what you should consume and what to avoid to get to your optimal health and longevity!

Lisa Benest, MD

Holistic Dermatologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and Founder of Advanced Dermatology Center

An important statement on the failings of modern cardiovascular medicine.

Cate Shanahan, MD

New York Times Bestselling Author of Deep Nutrition and The Fatburn Fix and popular media personality

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Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and

How to Escape Their Grip

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Reading this book will make you more knowledgeable about key medical and nutritional issues than most physicians. You’ll learn the answers to questions the vast majority of doctors will fail to get right, such as the following:

  • What’s the best overall predictor of your longevity?
  • Why do people with high cholesterol live the longest?
  • Why do people with low cholesterol die much earlier?
  • What type of cholesterol do most doctors neglect to test for even though it’s the best indicator of heart disease?
  • What addictive ingredient is included in most packaged foods to stimulate your opiate receptors?
  • What population eats the most meat and enjoys the longest lifespan?
  • What popular food do manufacturers know is likely to make you gain weight and develop a chronic disease?
  • Why do low-fat diets cause a drop in men’s testosterone?
  • What is the most important low-cost health test you’ve never had?
  • Why are Blue Zones called vegetarian when in fact they eat meat?
  • What’s the number one killer of women (10 times more common than breast cancer)?
  • What’s the best proven way to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Why are stents and bypass surgery unnecessary 85% of the time?
  • What internal process leads to the deaths of millions?
  • What raises your blood sugar higher than white table sugar?
  • Why is high blood sugar a potential pre-cancerous condition?
  • Why is Type 2 diabetes the root cause of heart disease?
  • Why do statins cause an increase in diabetes?
  • What’s a relatively straightforward method to reverse Type 2 diabetes?
  • Why is diabetes the root cause of heart disease?
  • What is the number one killer of women (10X breast cancer)?
  • What is the proven, best way to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Why are Blue Zones known as vegetarian when they actually eat meat?
  • What is the most important low-cost health test you’ve never had?
  • Why are Blue Zones called vegetarian when in fact they eat meat?
  • Why are stents and bypass surgery unnecessary 85 percent of the time?
  • With what internal process do the leading causes of death begin?
  • What raises your blood sugar higher than white table sugar?
  • What is a simple method to reverse Type 2 diabetes?
  • Why do statins cause an increase in diabetes?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s totally understandable. I didn’t either.

None of this is my opinion but based on tons of proven scientific research from 1,226 references, far more citations than you’ll find in other mainstream health books.

In 1930 the obesity rate was 1 percent: for males almost zero, for females, 2 percent. The CDC reported (March 2020) the obesity rates for the U.S. have risen to an alarming 42.4 percent! And that was for the year ending in 2018, so it is surely higher by now. Just look around.

Here’s the breakdown they gave: “The prevalence of obesity was 40.0% among young adults aged 20 to 39 years, 44.8% among middle-aged adults aged 40 to 59 years, and 42.8% among older adults aged 60 and older.”

The CDC predicts the obesity rate to rise to 50 percent by 2030. Compared to 1930, that’s 50X higher!

What happened? Consumption of The UNHOLY TRINITY. This was a gross departure from how we ate for many millennia. Industrially refined and processed carbohydrates (grains), sugar, and seed oils (vegetable oils) are the main villains—the Unholy Trinity. Consuming them accelerates aging and weight gain, as well as causes the self-inflicted new diseases of modernity.

Global drug sales are projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2026, up 35 percent from 2016. Populations becoming healthy promises little financial gain for Big Pharma, which depends upon the Big Food industry to create unhealthy, purposely addictive, and refined “food,” which send us toward Big Medicine for a pharma prescription. Around and around we go.

Combining the overweight stats with the obese brings the total to over 80 percent of the population and puts them all at risk of many diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, liver & kidney diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, gallbladder diseases, and on and on.

They all need this book to escape inevitable sickness and early death. And if you’re among the mere 6.8 percent of the population that are metabolically healthy and want to stay that way, you also want to read this.

This is a revealing How-To book. Don’t make the mistake of saying, “But I’m not sick.” The major killers are silent diseases with no symptoms!

Besides carbs, sugar and oils, I’m also not kind to the other Unholy Trinity: Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine. You need to find out the dirty little secrets they don’t want you to know. This book aims to break you free of them too.

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Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and

How to Escape Their Grip

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Yours Truly at 74 Years of Age

If I Can Do This, You Can Too

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One of the most internationally respected experts in the field of testing and preventive medicine is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins, Dr. Ford Brewer.

His book, Prevention Myths, is a #1 international bestseller.

Since Dr. Brewer’s expertise in this area is second to none, I asked him to write Chapter 22, “Don’t Guess, Test,” and he generously agreed. In this chapter you will discover what are the top most important inexpensive tests that you can buy online without needing your doctor’s prescription.

If I’d known the information in this chapter years ago, I would’ve spent around $150 for a 10-minute scan that would’ve clearly shown I was a ticking time bomb or a heart attack. Even simple blood tests Dr. Brewer recommends that checks for specific markers of cardiac danger might’ve spared me from my near-fatal event. However, shockingly, these tests are almost never ordered by mainstream doctors-including cardiologists!

Importantly, I provide how and where to purchase these relatively inexpensive labs online and I explain how you can get them done at a lab near you.

Dr. Brewer’s Chapter 22 is alone worth the price of this book…and might end up saving your life.

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Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and

How to Escape Their Grip

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Daniel Trevor is a citizen scientist and serial entrepreneur who has created several start-up businesses from scratch, including a high-tech CTI (computer-telephony integration) company that eventually grew to over 300 employees and 2,000 independent contractors.

He has also created and marketed anti-aging, nutraceutical products along with executive producing national TV and radio infomercials for them and hiring celebrities as spokespersons, as well as hosting some of them himself.

Daniel also spent time as a real estate investor and developer, a financial newsletter writer & analyst, as well as a professional day trader of precious metal mining stocks and commodities.

Being familiar with analyzing technical data throughout his life, he was comfortable in taking a dive into the medical and nutritional science in order to reverse his cardiovascular disease after a surprising heart attack. Surprising, because he thought he was “Mr. Healthy.” He used the scientific medical research he writes about in this How-To book to completely turn around his condition and get into the best shape of his life.

See more of his dramatic story in the Introduction.

Daniel describes himself as “just a lower-class street kid from Philly” who also had a show-biz career from the age of 15 as an actor, musician, singer and recording artist with Broadway, record deals, concert tours, nightclub and TV experience. After 20 years of all that, he retired and became a business entrepreneur.

When not connecting the dots between human biochemistry and man-made disease, he’s listening to the best jazz, funk, R&B, soul music he can find.

Daniel is the Founder & CEO of NutraNuva Anti-Aging Science, has two beautiful daughters, and lives in Southern California.

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Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and

How to Escape Their Grip

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