Internet Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

by John Eberhard

It’s that time again to do your planning for the new year, and to make resolutions on how you will improve the marketing of your web site. Here are my suggestions.

Think Big: I resolve to think big and think in terms of how I can significantly increase and improve my web site marketing this year, and work to break out of the trap of agreeing with the sorry economic news that greets me regularly.

SEO and Keyword Research: I resolve to get search engine optimization done for my web site in 2013 if it has not been done in the last two years, knowing that SEO and link building are the best route to significantly increasing my web site traffic. I know that I should be targeting keywords that have high traffic, but a low number of competing sites, and that single word keywords are almost impossible to rank for. I know that with a local business I should be targeting local oriented keywords.  

Link Building: I resolve to greatly increase the number of links to my site from other sites, knowing that Google says that the number of links is the most important criteria they use to determine how high my site will rank for my targeted keywords. I resolve to do link building on a continuing basis and I know that it takes time but if I stick it out the rewards are great.

Google Maps: If my business is a local one servicing one geographical area, I resolve to take steps to get a Google Maps/Places listing online for my business and work to get that listing onto the first page of results by getting lots of positive online reviews about my business and putting up lots of listings about my business, all of which pushes my Google listing towards page one.

Posting to the Blog: I resolve to post new content to my blog at least once a month in 2013, realizing that search engines give more weight or importance to blogs specifically because they usually have fresh content added regularly. I realize that a blog post can be just a comment and link to some other content on the web, or posting a video of interest from YouTube. I realize that putting up a blog, but not posting anything to it in 2012 (you know who you are) doesn’t help my online efforts.

Email List: I resolve to take actions to build up my in-house email list, and to email things to it regularly. I resolve to offer items on my site such as free email newsletter subscriptions, and free reports and eBooks, to capture the identities and email addresses of people visiting my site.

Copyrighted Content: I resolve not to use copyrighted content, such as text and pictures, from other web sites, knowing that people are getting sued for this.

Survey Data: I resolve to get more survey data on my targeted public this year, so I know what message to use to motivate them to buy.

Pictures on Social Media: I resolve to use more pictures in social media, not just text posts, as this has become increasingly important in the last year.

Negative Search Engine Listings: I resolve to take steps to handle any negative search engine listings related to my name or business name, knowing that something can be done about this.

Web Statistics: I resolve to ensure my site has Google Analytics on it, and to regularly check the stats so I know how many people are coming to the site, what pages they are visiting, what sites are referring me traffic, and what keywords people are typing in on search engines to find me. I know that without web statistics I am flying blind.

Web Site: I resolve to make sure my web site gets fully re-designed in 2013 if it has not been re-designed since Egypt was a super power, and to update the content of the site regularly so it is current and fresh.

Video: I resolve to get a video made for my business in 2013 if I don’t yet have one, or to create more video content in 2013 if I already have some, knowing that online video is one of the best ways to present my business and sell it.

Don’t Be Timid: I resolve to be aggressive in promoting my business, and to realize that contrary to what some people seem to think, that marketing online is not a crime. I resolve to continue communicating online about my business and its products and services.

Google: I resolve to be aware of what Google is doing, in terms of its Penguin and Panda updates and how that impacts my online strategies. But I resolve not to give Google god-like status like some people do, and realize that despite their size, they do not dictate all online actions. 

Consultant: I resolve to respect and take the sagely advice of my marketing consultant, and to pay him on time.

I wish you the best in 2013 and want to put out the decision that we will make 2013 the best year ever.

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