Altadena Turf Removal


Living in Southern California, homeowners are quite aware that drought is an ongoing reality and water conservation in the landscape is first and foremost in people’s minds. No longer are the days of the expansive lawn sustainable and thankfully, many property owners are rising to the occasion. With Metropolitan Water District offering rebates for lawn removal, the incentive is greater than ever before. Here at Plant Goddess Landscaping, we spearhead the entire process, so it is easy for our clients to apply for the rebate and meet the design requirements. We then install the design and assist with submitting the project to Metropolitan for the rebate. This is one of our recent turf removal projects in Altadena, California.


The plants for this project consist of 75% California natives mixed in with low water Mediterranean plants. We also designed a new front entry from the street, new porch, path, and driveway. The design plan also includes a rain garden, boulders, permeable walkway, new landscape lighting and a drip irrigation system.