There are many fiscal benefits to using recycled broken concrete to build your retaining walls.  However, it’s vital to emphasize that there are a number of environmental benefits as well.  Take a look at how you’ll be doing your part for the environment:

  • The amount of broken concrete filling our landfills has become an important concern for environmentalists and conservationists.  By opting to build your retaining walls with recycled broken concrete, you’ll make a very real effort to reduce the amount of concrete taking up space in landfills.
  • Using recycled broken concrete saves on the cost of making and distributing the materials to your doorstep.  From the cost of making the concrete to the natural resources used to ship the new concrete to your home, using new materials can be costly as well as boast a significant carbon footprint.  By using recycled materials, you’ll be reducing the overall carbon footprint of your landscaping project.

With so many green benefits at hand, it’s no wonder more people are using recycled broken concrete to build their retaining walls.