Use of Color in Design

by John Eberhard Color and the selection of colors in the development of a color scheme is one of the most vital elements to use properly in graphic design, and is one area where non-professionals are usually not well trained. Although the use of color is very much subject to […] Read more »

New Sites and Blogs

Here are some new web sites and blogs we have completed recently. Enjoy! This is a brand new blog we created for Acclaimed Jazz Keyboardist/ Composer/ Producer/ Music Educator and Author John Novello. Through the Woods Design This is a re-design we just completed of the site for Through […] Read more »

Web Design and Eye Trail

by John Eberhard One of the worst offenses on the senses perpetrated by bad web sites and bad web design today has to do with the complete lack of correct eye trail. “Eye trail” is defined as how your eye travels across or down a promo piece, advertisement or web […] Read more »

New Blogs We Designed

I want to share links to several new blogs we have designed. Through the Woods Design Blog This is a blog we set up for Through the Woods Design, a firm providing landscape design and installation services in Los Angeles. Dental Tips and News We set up this blog for […] Read more »

New Web Designs

by John Eberhard I want to share links to several new web site designs I have completed of which I am particularly proud. The Employee Testing Center This is a brand new site we designed for the Employee Testing Center, a company that offers online personality and IQ testing for […] Read more »

Web Authoring Programs

By John Eberhard In an earlier blog post I advised people not to use Content Management Systems for the overall design of a web site, as these typically place huge limitations on what you can put on a page, where it can go and how big it can be. I […] Read more »