What Are Bootstrap and Parallax?

By John Eberhard There is a new trend in web design that is becoming really popular. It is using a relatively new technology called Bootstrap, which is a new web design platform developed by Twitter. Bootstrap features have practically defined a whole new style for web design. While not native […] Read more »

Web Site Basics for 2015

By John Eberhard I have been doing a lot of web design projects lately. Every couple years, the typical, expected and common things to do, in designing a website, changes dramatically. Here’s an update. Websites Over 3-4 Years Old: If your website is over 3-4 years old, it’s time to […] Read more »

Web Sites and Smart Phones

by John Eberhard There are currently 1.08 billion smart phone users worldwide, with 91.4 million in the US. 92% use them for sending text messages, 84% for Internet browsing, 76% to send emails, and 59% for social media sites. (See more stats) If you look at a regular HTML web […] Read more »

Navigation on a Website

by John Eberhard A well thought out navigational structure for a website design makes it easy for visitors to find all the content. A poorly thought out navigational structure makes it hard for the visitor to find content and prevents the site from being user friendly. Too many sites today […] Read more »

A Premium Web Site

by John Eberhard Everybody wants a good looking web site, but what are the factors that create a really top notch web site as opposed to a boring or mundane design? I have been doing a lot of web design lately, and I want to present my opinions on what […] Read more »