Social Media Stops

by John Eberhard I have observed a kind of bizarre phenomenon recently, where the main social media sites are trying hard to stop people from using their sites to do social media marketing. Facebook Facebook has recently instituted a policy where they say you are not allowed to propose to […] Read more »

Online PR as a Component of SEO

by John Eberhard Search engine optimization (SEO) today typically consists of two components: 1. “On-page optimization,” which means doing keyword research and then writing titles and descriptions using the keywords and inputting that data onto the pages of a web site. 2. “Off-page optimization,” which means link building. This is […] Read more »

Responsive Web Design

by John Eberhard In my article last week on New Year’s Resolutions, I realized later that I should have included something on “responsive” web sites. The idea being that people should convert their web sites to being responsive this year. What is this and why is it important? Wikipedia defines […] Read more » Designs New Web Sites for California DanceArts

New Web Sites Will Highlight Organization's Dance Instruction and Professional Dance Company LA CANADA, CA: Real Web Marketing Inc. (, a web design and website marketing company, has completed designing three new web sites for California DanceArts and California Contemporary Ballet, located in La Canada, CA (, and […] Read more »

Real Web Marketing Designs New Web Site for West Coast Fab Inc.

New Web Site Highlights Company’s Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services RICHMOND, CA: Real Web Marketing Inc. (, a web design and website marketing company in Los Angeles, has completed designing a new web site for West Coast Fab Inc., a precision sheet metal fabrication company located in Richmond, CA, in […] Read more »

Building an Email List

by John Eberhard Back around 12 years ago I did a lot of email marketing to rented email lists. Then we had the spam email explosion and that basically killed the rented email marketing universe, just because people were getting too much email. I have never been in agreement with […] Read more »

Copyrighted Content

by John Eberhard I want to warn my readers about a new trend that is happening with regard to the Internet. When content is copyrighted, such as written text and pictures, that means that the copyright owner has the sole right to use that content. And if someone else uses […] Read more »

More on SEO Today

By John Eberhard My recent article “What is SEO Today” got more responses than any recent article, so obviously there is a lot of interest in SEO (search engine optimization) these days. Here is more on how to drive traffic to your site with SEO. Often when I go to […] Read more »

What is SEO Today?

by John Eberhard SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically what you do to make a web site rank better on search engines and therefore get more traffic. Getting more traffic to a web site is the goal of SEO. There are two parts to SEO, called “on-page […] Read more »