The Best Marketing Mix for 2014

by John Eberhard I started working in the marketing field in 1989. For those of you that are history-challenged, that was before there was an Internet. I have specialized in Internet marketing for the last 10 years or so, so it is interesting now that I am starting to come […] Read more »

Market Research Options

by John Eberhard Many companies have been experiencing a reduction in leads and sales since the financial downturn in 2008. This is largely because the public’s attitudes about buying things has changed dramatically as a result of that financial downturn. So if you are trying to market to your target […] Read more »

Niche Positioning

by John Eberhard A positioning is the way you define or establish a product or service in the mind of a prospect. An excellent book, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind,” written by Al Ries and Jack Trout, explains this in detail. There are several ways in which to position […] Read more »

Leads and Promo Tracking

by John Eberhard It is vital for any business to track both the amount and type of promotional materials that are going out each week from the business, and the number of leads that are coming in and where they came from. By “where they came from” I mean what […] Read more »

Artificial Scarcity

by John Eberhard In this article I am going to talk about a marketing strategy or copywriting strategy, and actually, a whole business model, that exists today. You may have seen this strategy used. I’m not in favor of it. My first experience with what I will called the “artificial […] Read more »

To CMS or Not to CMS

by John Eberhard CMS stands for “content management system.” It is a system used for putting together a web site, where the site owner can log into an interface and make simple changes to the content themselves without the web designer. Changes like the text or pictures on a page. […] Read more »