Major Facebook Changes

by John Eberhard I have recently learned about some changes that Facebook has made to their system, that I found frankly shocking. I first learned about these changes from an article by Tony Rockliff. The shocking data is that Facebook has changed their Edgerank algorithm system so that with a […] Read more »

Social Media Outflow Strategy

by John Eberhard The vital first step of social media marketing is getting a high volume of friends, followers and connections. So once you are working on that, what should you say to them? In other words, what type of communications should you put out in your own status updates, […] Read more »

Has the Internet Changed the Basic Nature of Marketing?

by John Eberhard The idea occasionally pops up that the Internet has changed the basic nature of how we do marketing. The idea is that through Internet 2.0, with social media and blogging and all that, that marketing has changed from a top-down conversation to a back and forth conversation. […] Read more »

Social Media Demographics

by John Eberhard   I recently came across some demographic information on the various social media sites, i.e. who uses them, that I thought would be very interesting and helpful to people in terms of deciding which sites to use to market their business. There is an article on […] Read more »

Social Media Targeting

by John Eberhard It’s all well and good to teach somebody how to set up social media accounts and all that, but a vital step in the whole process is to also teach them how to reach their specific target public with social media marketing. Every business has what is […] Read more »

Auto Tweets

by John Eberhard I’ve been using the Tweet Adder software for some time now to add more followers for my own Twitter account and those of a number of my clients. It has an “auto tweet” function that allows you to set up messages that you want to go out […] Read more »

Social Media Marketing Summary

by John Eberhard I have written several articles recently on social media marketing and this article will summarize the most vital points from those articles. Adding Friends Before I summarize the past articles, here is a bit of new. If you want to use social media sites to market your […] Read more »

Top Social Media Sites

By John Eberhard In the online world things seem to change, faster than fashion, faster than the weather, faster that yesterday’s clothes. What was the greatest thing last year could be completely washed up this year. So it is with social media. In this article I will list out some […] Read more »

Measuring Success with Social Media

by John Eberhard I have started doing a lot of social media marketing work for clients where I add friends, followers and connections to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I was adding friends for them on MySpace too but have recently discovered that hardly anyone is using MySpace anymore, […] Read more »

Your Social Media Outflow Strategy

by John Eberhard Last week I talked about how you should engage with your friends, followers and connections on social media, and respond to their communications. But what type of communications should you put out in your own status updates, i.e. the communications that go out to all your social […] Read more »