What is Remarketing

by John Eberhard You work hard to drive people to your web site. But only a small percentage of them ever respond to you. There is now a new method that allows you to get your message out to those people again, after they leave your site. It is called […] Read more »

Pay Per Click Advertising in 2012

By John Eberhard Pay per click advertising (PPC) refers to advertising on Google AdWords, MSN Ad Center, Facebook or LinkedIn. It is so called because you create ads that are then displayed online to people under certain circumstances, and then if the viewer clicks on your ad, you get charged. […] Read more »

Landing Pages

by John Eberhard I was recently using some software to do research on the competitors for one of my clients, companies that are competing against my client on Google AdWords. I was amazed to find that these companies were having the visitors click through and then land on their home […] Read more »

Pay Per Click Conversions

by John Eberhard When you’re doing pay per click (PPC) advertising with Google AdWords or MSN Ad Center, the end product that you are shooting for is a conversion. If you are selling products on your web site, a conversion is an online sale. If you are doing lead generation […] Read more »

Google AdWords Quality Score

by John Eberhard Google AdWords has a sort of measuring stick they use called “quality score.” The quality score is applied to your campaign, and to your ad group within a campaign, and to your individual keywords within the campaign. Your quality score is important because the better your quality […] Read more »