PR for Small Businesses

By John Eberhard Even before I started working in the marketing field, I worked as a public relations person for my church. I traveled all around New England holding events, and getting newspaper, radio and TV coverage on our activities. Public relations means to make your works well publicized. In […] Read more »

Building Quality Links with Online PR

by John Eberhard Having links to your web site from other sites is very important. In fact, it is the primary factor used by Google in deciding your site’s ranking for any given keywords. In other articles I have discussed submitting articles to "article directories," also called "content hubs." This […] Read more »

Online PR and a Blog

By John Eberhard A couple years ago I began doing a lot with optimized press releases. These are press releases that contain several important keywords for which you are trying to rank on search engines. Then they are disseminated out on the web in several very effective ways. David Meerman […] Read more »

An Introduction to RSS

Recently a client asked me to explain what RSS was. I realized that probably many people are curious about RSS but are very confused by it. An "RSS Feed" is a way to syndicate content out broadly. RSS stands for "really simple syndication." From the Reader Viewpoint I think the […] Read more »