My SEO Journey, Part 4

By John Eberhard In January 2016 I published a 3-part article series on SEO and what I had discovered doing an extensive amount of research on what is effective in search engine optimization (SEO). I have just completed another major research project on SEO in order to update my service […] Read more »

Pay Per Click Tips

By John Eberhard Pay per click advertising is an umbrella term that applies to any advertising where you pay money every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Some of the programs where you can run pay per click advertising are: Google AdWords Bing Ad Center Facebook advertising Yelp […] Read more »

The Galactic Marketing Alliance and the Social Quadrant

by John Eberhard The last two years have been hard times for members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance (GMA), in their efforts to travel to and trade in the Social Quadrant. But daring and innovative GMA members are now making progress in opening up gateways into the embattled region. Twitterium: […] Read more »