Avoiding Online Scams

by John Eberhard I have a client who does email marketing, sending out emails to various email lists via several companies that have compiled these lists. This client has a very specialized public for his service, so sending out to an email list of this specific public is good for […] Read more »

Online Email Services 2013

by John Eberhard There are a number of online email services being offered. These allow you to do email marketing, to create databases of email addresses that are stored online (not on your computer) and then send emails to them as often as you want. Most of the services charge […] Read more »

Has the Internet Changed the Basic Nature of Marketing?

by John Eberhard The idea occasionally pops up that the Internet has changed the basic nature of how we do marketing. The idea is that through Internet 2.0, with social media and blogging and all that, that marketing has changed from a top-down conversation to a back and forth conversation. […] Read more »

Use of Autoresponders

By John Eberhard An autoresponder is a system that can be set up that sends a person a series of emails. There are a number of useful and important uses for autoresponders. There are a number of email services available online that include autoresponders, including Aweber, iContact, and Mailchimp, where […] Read more »

Online Email Services 2010

by John Eberhard I wrote an article about a year ago about online email services. This is an update with new and more detailed information about these services. I think that everyone who wants to develop an email mailing list and send out email to that list should subscribe to […] Read more »

Email Marketing 2009

by John Eberhard I started email marketing about 10 years ago when it was a pretty new activity, especially doing HTML emails, where it looks like a web site with graphics and so on. Back then, you could rent email lists of various types of publics who had opted in […] Read more »

Online Email Services

by John Eberhard This is an article about email marketing, and I’m writing this article even though I know I’m going to catch grief from someone saying I’m wrong and their service is better. There are three main online email services, where you can do these things: Sign up and […] Read more »

Building an In-House Email List

by John Eberhard Email marketing to an in-house email list is very effective. After you put together a good looking web site and start getting traffic to come to the site, you should start thinking about how to build up an in-house email list. These are people who request to […] Read more »