Blogs: Use Them or Lose Them

by John Eberhard I have written a number of articles about the benefits of blogs: You write something and post to your blog regularly. You have your blog set up so there are numerous links back to your main site in the sidebars. Plus you write your blog posts so […] Read more »

Making Money with a Blog

by John Eberhard I recently had a friend send out an email asking specifically how to make money blogging. I think this is a relatively simple issue, although doing it is not necessarily easy. Here’s my take on it and what I told him to do. 1. Start a blog […] Read more »

Why You Should Start a Blog

by John Eberhard For several months I have been pushing the idea that people should start blogging. Some have taken my advice and put up blogs, but I think blogging is something that many, many people could benefit from. Here are some of the ways you could use a blog. […] Read more »

Blogs an Integral Part of Website Marketing

By John Eberhard Today I believe that the successful combination of actions for website marketing is: Blog: Post an article or shorter post once per week, then notify (called “pinging”) the blog search engines. Optimized Press Release: Writing a press release once a week that contains the top keywords you […] Read more »

Why You Should Start a Blog

By John Eberhard One of my clients, Stan Dubin, has been blogging for several years, and has recently been telling me about how blogging has gotten him good search engine rankings. So I interviewed Stan about his blogging experiences, to share with you. My conclusion is that just about any […] Read more »