More on SEO Today

By John Eberhard My recent article “What is SEO Today” got more responses than any recent article, so obviously there is a lot of interest in SEO (search engine optimization) these days. Here is more on how to drive traffic to your site with SEO. Often when I go to […] Read more »

What is SEO Today?

by John Eberhard SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically what you do to make a web site rank better on search engines and therefore get more traffic. Getting more traffic to a web site is the goal of SEO. There are two parts to SEO, called “on-page […] Read more »

More Client Case Histories

By John Eberhard In writing monthly reports for several clients recently I was able to see the results of our marketing their web sites over a period of time. Client A Tree Nursery, Northwest US Designed a new web site for the company in February, 2011, did search engine optimization […] Read more »

Impact on Facebook

by John Eberhard Social media sites are constantly evolving, partly because of the types of things that people post there. Facebook, the largest and most influential social media site, is no exception. I am going to give you some tips on what types of things to post to Facebook when […] Read more »

The Google Penguin Update

by John Eberhard Periodically Google comes out with a major change in its algorithm, that then changes the way Google responds to people’s searches, and changes the way many web sites will rank. In other words, after a major algorithm update, your site may suddenly not rank as well for […] Read more »

Marketing Analysis and Planning

by John Eberhard   Marketing analysis and planning is a vital action to do regularly with any marketing campaign. This means to review your statistics and then make decisions on how to proceed. You can do this weekly or monthly. The first step is to collect your statistics. Let’s assume […] Read more »

A Premium Web Site

by John Eberhard Everybody wants a good looking web site, but what are the factors that create a really top notch web site as opposed to a boring or mundane design? I have been doing a lot of web design lately, and I want to present my opinions on what […] Read more »