The Galactic Marketing Alliance and the Social Quadrant

by John Eberhard The last two years have been hard times for members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance (GMA), in their efforts to travel to and trade in the Social Quadrant. But daring and innovative GMA members are now making progress in opening up gateways into the embattled region. Twitterium: […] Read more »

Marketing Attitude in 2014

by John Eberhard I have been involved in marketing for 25 years. For a number of those years I worked as a Marketing Director or VP Marketing for a series of companies. For the past six years I’ve had my own company doing marketing services for clients all over the […] Read more »


by John Eberhard In the Star Trek universe, our universe is filled with matter. But there is also anti-matter, and supposedly the controlled combination of the two produces energy powering ships traveling about the galaxy. But of course you have to be careful in how you combine the two. If […] Read more »

Marketing on Facebook 2014

by John Eberhard Social media marketing has changed dramatically over the past two years, especially over the last year. Marketing on Facebook has changed almost completely during that time. Prior to the last year, you could market your product or service on Facebook in a couple of different ways. For […] Read more »

Why an Offer is Important

by John Eberhard Bob Stone is the author of “Successful Direct Marketing Methods,” considered one of the bibles of marketing. “Direct marketing” means to market to someone specifically to get them to respond right now and become a lead or sale, rather than just increasing awareness or branding. Direct marketing […] Read more »